Customer putting City in the Address field

Hey guys,

We have about 15% of our customers adding their City to the Address field. (This is causing address validation issues in ShipStation)

I assume this is because there is no "City" field until the Zip code in entered. I would suggest adding a grayed out City box like this to avoid this problem:

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for the feedback for your experiences, and for the suggestion too - that could be an interesting solution. I'll discuss this with the team as a potential enhancement. Thanks!

    As an interim solution - you could disable the postcode lookup functionality on the configuration page of your store's FoxyCart administration. That means that the city/state fields will always be visible to perhaps relieve some of this confusion, but will also remove the benefit of the city/state being prefilled automatically based on the customers post code. It could be a good solution if needed though.
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