Checkout problem - logged in customer getting error 'please enter an email'

loopedlooped Member
A couple of my clients customers have had problems checking out:

"I get all the way to the checkout, enter my email and password .. but when I hit 'Submit Order' it takes me back to the top of the page saying 'Please enter an email address' ... but it's already there. "


Do you have any pointers as to what could be happening? I first heard of this issue cropping up on 3rd March.
Is there any chance it could be linked to the custom code fix for the flickering login Safari issue? I have not yet removed the custom snippet fix.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I'm sorry to hear that your customers are running into this. Thanks for the screenshot there too - that's really helpful.

    Based on the positioning of the error message, it does look like it relates to the hidden text inputs to try to capture Safari's over-eager autofill. I believe they may relate to the custom code I provided to you, as opposed to the native fix we have in place. I say that mainly because the custom code approach we provided uses an input type of email, which may be why the browser is thinking it should be filled in when there isn't anything that says it should be.

    As to why it started suddenly recently - I'm not really sure. Perhaps related to a browser update. Are all the reports you've had for customers using a specific browser? I've tried to replicate it on my side, but can't get that error to appear.

    I'd recommend dropping the customisation we suggested and see if that corrects it for your users - hopefully that will get it corrected. Let us know if it doesn't though and we'll dig in further. If it doesn't - if you can let us know what browser (and version) the customers were using when bumping into that, that'd help a lot too.
  • Thank you for looking in to it. I will follow your recommendation.
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