Multiple Category Discounts

OrthiasOrthias Member

I need to set up two category discounts, as follows:


(so: for all products in that category only, I want to give 15% off the price of each unit if they buy 10 or more, 15% off it they buy 15 or more, and an additional flat discount of $80 if they buy 20 or more)

The form field in the category page doesn't let me paste that configuration in. It apparently only allows one discount.
How can I do this?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry for the troubles here. We currently only support a single category discount to be set. What you could do is set up the "Free Party Pass" as a coupon, and automatically apply that to the cart - either by performing a javascript request in the background on load of your site, or by including the coupon parameter with each of the products it applies to using the coupon parameter.

    We have an example of adding a coupon automatically on this page:
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