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checkout error '1 required piece of information is missing'

Hi, please can you help us troubleshoot this cart checkout error?
Starting yesterday, our checkout gives this '1 required piece of information is missing' error, and all fields are filled in.

We didn't change anything since the last successful order earlier this week.

At a loss, and now the error is repeating as customers call us with this problem.

  • Hi, in our testing with live payments and live real credit cards, we get weird results:

    1. visa card is declined yesterday

    2. amex is accepted yesterday

    3. amex is declined today

    4. another amex is accepted today, twice.

    We're not getting what could be the missing piece of info -- we're just going through cart checkout like normal and the error doesn't identify which piece is missing.
  • I don't see anything in the transaction error log for the last 72 hours, and the only errors prior to that are normal AVS mismatch stuff.

    What kind of troubleshooting or log data would be available for us to try to identify the '1 required piece of information' in your errors?
  • I've been able to identify that the successful transactions we are able to make are those for returning users with a password.
  • We notice that we are getting Firefox HTTPS security warnings, saying that our subdomain at is insecure.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @patrickpitman. Looks like you've got some custom js to hide the new customer password field. So the error, which would normally be very visible and obvious, is hidden as well.

    I'll followup privately with more details.
  • While we see HTTPS security errors for this site in question, we do not see HTTPS security errors for another foxycart store we run.
  • OK, we fixed this problem with help from Brett. Thank you!
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