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New Realex product updates

Realex have announced two updates coming soon, can you guys confirm that Foxycart will not be affected by either of them?

1. Security Update - Discontinuation of Support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and Uplift of Cipher Suite
- I think you've previously confirmed that you operate on TLS 1.2 so I won't provide any more details on this, just including it here to double check.

2. Product Update - Update of the ePage redirect service to Hosted Payment Page (HPP)
They are discontinuing the ePage redirect method and are porting these customers over to Hosted Payment Page within the coming months. I think we're already using HPP ... but then there was also the following note on the recent email from Realex:
"If you are using our API integration, in order to ensure you can continue to process payments before and after the upgrade, you will need to enable new cipher suites and leave the current ones in place until we have made the uplift, on 8th August 2017. After the uplift is made, the additional ciphers can be removed."

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited March 2017

    Thanks for posting to check!

    For the first one related to the TLS changes - we've got that handled on our side.

    For the second one - we're not making use of Realex's redirect/hosted methods - but rather we're performing a direct connection to them from our checkout using their API. The last portion there that talks about the cipher is related to the first part as well, so we should be covered there too. If you wanted to forward that email to our helpdesk - we'd be happy to read over it to confirm if you'd like
  • Great, thanks!
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