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Language strings via api

Is it possible to pull the language template strings via the api? stuff like html order message, etc...

I'd like to use them outside of foxycart and it would be great to have one source where they are edited from.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. You can access all of the store's language strings using our newer Hypermedia API, which you can find information on working with here:

    The default language strings are available within the property_helpers relation, specifically language_strings, which you can see referenced here: Looks like we're unfortunately missing the specific relation page for some of the property helpers - we'll get those added as soon as we can.

    You'll also need to account for any store overrides to the language strings as well - which you can find within the template_sets relation for the store -

    To confirm with you - is this for a 2.0 store? Or one of our older stores?
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