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Data feed

I noticed the datafeed does not contain all shipping/billing fields that the customer fills out, we have international customers so I filled out a test order for japan, which includes the Prefecture select field, which shows up fine on receipt, but is not included in the data feed.

I was hoping to do some additional post processing work on orders using the datafeed, but it will be difficult if all the data is not included.

would it be possible/better to take the ID from the datafeed and send an api request to transaction_get for the transaction data? Although this seems like overkill...shouldnt the datafeed return the exact same info I would get if I sent a request to the transaction_get api?

  • freshjonesfreshjones Member
    edited April 2017
    ok I just tried the api and that also does not include the prefecture field, so I guess its just not available as data? but somehow it gets added to the receipt and email. in the twig templates it looks like its a custom variable called city_and_region, but thats not a field that is available in the datafeed as a combined field or as seperate fields?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited April 2017

    Sorry for the inconvenience here. The region value should be coming through still if it's set - and in my own tests just now for Japan it is - but it's coming through as the region code which for Japan is a number. Do you see that on your side? We've corrected it's display for the receipt and emails, but looks like we've missed it for the datafeed. We're working on some other changes related to the city/region fields currently - I'll note the datafeed issue as part of that so we can get it fixed up as well so it passes through the name as you'd expect there.
  • freshjonesfreshjones Member
    edited April 2017
    hi adam,

    yes i see the number in the datafeed for the region/state field:

    [shipping_address1] => 8F Yokohama Onoecho Building
    [shipping_address2] => 4-57 Onoecho Naka-ku
    [shipping_city] => Yokohama
    [shipping_state] => 14
    [shipping_postal_code] => 231-0015
    [shipping_country] => JP

    i missed it earlier because I was searching for "Kanagawa", or "Prefecture" so i just assumed the field was missing.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for confirming - we'll follow-up when we've got this corrected, sorry again for the inconvenience!
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