USPS priority mail – which options to select?

I'm shipping books, which in small quantities fit into envelopes or small boxes, but in large quantities may require a carton.

Media Mail shipping calculator works fine: there is only one option ("media mail") and that copes with larger quantities.

But with Priority shipping there are many options to specify. I tried just "priority mail" but that often produced the wrong result.
I found that "priority mail medium flat rate box" worked most of the time.
But when I needed to ship something bigger than a medium flat rate box, the result was completely wrong – about $43 too little.

Can you advise which priority shipping option would be the best one for me to choose? As I understand it, you don't use the dimensions of the products so there's no way for the calculator to decide what size box to use.

Thank you
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. You're right that we currently don't work with dimensional shipping, right now we're just passing the weight and the destination/origin addresses to the carriers.

    In terms of what to select - we generally recommend selecting any rates you can ship with. If you need to support a couple different box sizes, then you can select each of those sizes you will ship with. Ultimately the more you select, the more you can be sure a given customer will receive a rate they can select.

    If you needed to remove some options dynamically depending on the cart contents - you can do that too with a snippet added to your store - details on that here:

    I hope that helps!
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