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Wording in receipts and email confirmation (v2.0)


I'm looking to do simple edits to the wording on the emailed order confirmation and the onscreen receipt after placing an order.

For example current wording in the standard response is: "Thank you for your order. Please retain this receipt for your records. If you would like to update your payment card for future transactions, please click here to update your billing information."

This is is one of the things I want to change, but don't see where it's pulled from. Likewise, I want to add a couple lines of informational text.

Thank you!

Jonathan (KEEP BOOKS)
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    All of the customer facing language strings can be edited from the "language" section of your store's FoxyCart administration. There are quite a few strings there - so often it's easiest to expand all the groups and do an in-page search for the content you're wanting to change up. Hope that helps!
  • Perfect! I should have expanded those to see.

    Thanks @fc_adam
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