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Is there a way to see auto tax details?

KasperKasper Member
So long story short, my accountant is yelling at me for "making her manually look up counties" for every taxed order. I sympathize with her plight - sales taxes are collected (and must be reported to our state, NC) by county, yet the Foxycart transactions download only reports city, state, and zip.

Is there a way to see (export) the counties for each transaction?

Of course, this isn't something that seems useful in any situation outside of taxes, so I wouldn't expect FC to have the data. But when you send a transaction off for automatic tax calculation (the default provider of that is... Thompson Reuters?) does the response (which tells FC what tax to charge) include any data about why that tax is being charged? For example, what county it's being assessed for? And if so, is there any way to include that info with the transaction so we can access it?

I just signed up for TaxJar because it looks like that'll solve our problem, but I don't want to be paying another $50 monthly for yet another step in our online sales processing pipeline (I already pay for FoxyCart, OrderDesk, ShipStation, PayPal, etc. I mean my God why isn't there one turnkey provider for all this stuff?)

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for reaching out to ask, that's a great question. I'll discuss this with the team to see what options we have with our default provider, and get back to you. I can definitely see how that would be very frustrating for your accountant, and we'd certainly prefer to make lives easier than more difficult!

    To confirm with you - how is your accountant working with the transaction data? Are they working through the FoxyCart administration transactions report, an export from the admin, or a custom export from the API or datafeeds?
  • Just wanted to update for posterity:

    First, to answer your questions: Our accountant was working with exports from admin.

    Right now, TaxJar has proven to (more or less) solve our problem, so we're swallowing the increased monthly fee for the simplicity of sales tax. If all our sales were via FoxyCart, I would like more tax features, but since most of our sales are through Amazon, TaxJar makes sense for that reason alone.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @Kasper.
    I'm glad TaxJar's working out well enough for now. We've discussed a tax report that could include counties, and if you (or somebody else who stumbles on this discussion) needs that, please let us know.

    Thanks for updating!
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