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clarifying SHIPTO for customers with accounts

SparkySparky Member
Hi there - I'm trying to make sure I understand the shipping address before making big changes to my store.

What I need is for customers - especially Subscription customers - to be able to order a gift, using their credit card and email address on file, and send it wherever they want, without it affecting their subscription.

Scenario 1:
A customer has an account (i.e. a credit card on file linked to their email address) but NO subscription (just make occasional purchases) and they want to buy a gift. They go the website, pick a product, go to the checkout and specify a different shipping address during checkout. Will this change their default shipping address for future purchases?

Scenario 2:
A customer has an account WITH a subscription and they want to buy a gift. They go to the website, pick a product, go to the checkout and choose a different shipping address. Will this change their default shipping address for their next subscription order?

What do I need to do to enable customers to make occasional / one-time gift purchases without it affecting their regular account and without sending their next subscription order to their friend?

Thanks for clarifying this!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Currently, in both of your scenarios, the shipping address will get updated for their customer record for any future purchases for that account, whether a future one off or a subscription renewal.

    To allow customers to purchase products for differing addresses, you will want to make use of our multiship functionality. This works by providing a "shipto" input as part of the add to cart, where a customer can enter the name of the address they're wanting to send that particular product to. We don't support changing a shipto for a product after it's been added to the cart though - so that will need to happen as part of the add to cart.

    Once they reach the checkout - the customer will then be presented shipping fields for each different shipto in their cart - ensuring that the customers own shipping address is maintained.
  • SparkySparky Member
    Thanks for the clarification, @fc_adam.

    That's what I thought and it is different than how it worked in v1.1. Now, either every product needs to have a multiship option and an extra step is added during the product selection process, or it's a pain for my regular customers to give coffee to their friends and family.

    I am a big fan of Foxycart and am constantly telling other ecommerce people how great it is and this doesn't change that. But I wish there were a simpler way for my customers to make occasional gifts to their friends and family.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited May 2017

    In 1.1, the customer record behaved in much the same way - so it should be the same result for that version as well as it is in 2.0. If you have a subscription, and then change the shipping address on that customer record, it will affect the subscription as well for it's future renewals.

    We do hear you on the additional step that multiship adds to the ordering process though. We want to expand our multiship functionality to make it more flexible in the future with how you can interact with it - but with our current priorities set, it's not something we'll be tackling in the immediate future.

    Let us know if we can help with anything else!
  • SparkySparky Member
    Thanks @fc_adam !

    I'm not sure why it worked differently before the upgrade to 2.0 then. Something that was changed at our end, I'm sure. =)
  • I have another question about this - if a customer has 1 subscription and they want to add a 2nd subscription - sent to a different address - how can this be set up?

    For example, they get something sent to themselves every 3 weeks and something sent to their sister every 4 weeks but all paid for by the same credit card, using the same email and with the same billing address?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Assuming that multiship is enabled for your store, the customer would simply need to specify the different shipto name when adding the additional subscription to the cart. On the checkout, when they sign in with their existing account, it will pre-fill their billing and payment details, and they'll just need to enter the new shipping address for the new shipto. As it's a different shipto than their original subscription, that will continue to be sent to their own shipping address, while the second subscription will go to their sister.

    Worth mentioning too - they wouldn't need to use their subtoken link to load up their existing subscription when purchasing the new one. That would only be required if they wanted to add an extra product into their existing subscription that would be sent to the same address and at the same frequency.

    I hope that helps!
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