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Account and Subscription Management


We have been using foxycart on a nonprofit's wordpress site for a long time to handle one-time and recurring (subscriptions) donations. We are in the process of redesigning the site and updating to the most recent version of foxycart. We also need to add the ability for donors (customers) to review their past donations (orders), manage their account info (address, email, password, etc.) as well as manage their recurring donations (subscriptions) to cancel, change card, etc.

Do you know of any good solutions or wordpress plugins to provide these features? We don't have the budget to custom develop a plugin for these features and we would prefer to avoid migration to another platform for these fairly standard requirements.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Great question. Currently I'm not familiar with any plugins for Wordpress that would assist with adding in this type of interface for a FoxyCart store. FoxyShop does provide a number of integrations into a FoxyCart store - but currently it doesn't provide a customer portal feature.

    Similarly, FoxyCart itself also doesn't have a customer portal feature yet, but it is something we're discussing developing as it does come up occasionally. We don't have an ETA of when something like that might land - but it's definitely something we're working towards.

    A custom portal could definitely be created utilising our API functionality - and we would be happy to provide direction for how to approach that if you need. That would be a custom development though, which you said you were hoping to avoid.

    Sorry we didn't have a better answer for you!
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