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VAT, Discounts, Headaches

Hey guys,

I have a UK client who needs to collect VAT. Easy.

He likes to display cart pricing Including VAT to keep from scaring away customers with that big VAT line item in the subtotal box. Less easy.

He also uses bulk percentage discounts, which should be calculated excluding VAT.

Before I add an item to the cart, I know the price including/excluding VAT. I was thinking about hacking in another column to the cart for the 2nd Price so we can show both. The tricky part is that he needs the VAT total to appear on the invoice for legal purposes.

I started to hack the VAT calculation on my own, but the numbers never quite worked out due to the way discounts get passed to OrderDesk.

Thought I'd reach out here to see if you guys had any ideas. His old Magento shop allowed him to display both prices in the cart, hide VAT in the cart, but show it on the Receipt/Invoice.

Thanks as always.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. We don't support native tax inclusive functionality yet - although it is something we're planning on supporting in the future. Obviously that doesn't help you right now though.

    Probably the closest thing you could get now would be to use our native tax functionality to include the correct tax amount in the order, but then customise the Twig templates to also adjust the product prices being displayed to include the tax there. You could then either modify the tax total line item to describe it as the total tax included, or hide it from view so customers don't see it.

    It sounds like you started down that path, but ran into some issues with it not calculating correctly - is that right?
  • Thanks @fc_adam. I think that's the route we'll go. I figured that if I was changing the price display in the template, it would mess up the tax calcs, but it makes sense that the tax calculator wouldn't use the client side pricing anyway. I'll give it another go and report back with progress. Thanks again!
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