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Braintree with PayPal all in one?


Could you please help us with the following pre-sales question:

Background: Client wants to use Braintree gateway for a new online store (has happily used Braintree in past). However, client also wants to accept PayPal payments.

Question 1: Using FoxyCart, can both credit card acceptance and PayPay happen via Braintree? If so, what does this user experience look like in FoxyCart's checkout?

Question 2: If "no" to the above question #1, does client need to open a separate account with PayPal to accept both? Which PayPal integration is recommended?

Question 3: What does the user checkout experience look like if store then has two different payment options (e.g., Braintree for credit cards and a separate PayPal)?

Question 4: Would the above also apply to FoxyCart with Braintree account's accepting of Braintree-compatible alternate payments (e.g., ApplePay, Bitcoin, etc.)?

Thank you in advance for you assistance with this....
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting and providing background and details there.

    FoxyCart's current integration with Braintree is just for credit/debit card payments, and doesn't support any of their alternative payment options like PayPal, Bitcoin etc.

    To support PayPal for the store, your client will need to make use of our own PayPal Express payment gateway option. If they don't already have a PayPal Business account, they will need to get one of those - I'm not sure if one is required for Braintree's integration there as well, but I would assume they would have one.

    In terms of the customer experience - on the cart they'll see an option to proceed to the checkout, or to PayPal. On the checkout - they'll see an option to enter a credit/debit card (which will be sent to Braintree), or an option to pay with PayPal. In both PayPal options, on the cart and the checkout - the customer will be redirected over to PayPal's hosted payment page to complete their payment. In some cases - the customer may be able to pay with credit/debit cards there too - but also (and primarily) with their PayPal accounts.

    For those other payment types - we're currently working on an Apple Pay integration to add support there. That will work in unison with other gateways too, and we'll have some more information on that in the future. We do also support Bitcoin through an integration with Bitpay.
    Thank you so very much for the quick and detailed response. It helps us and the client to better understand what it will take to move forward with their vision!
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