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Customized dashboard?

DaveHDaveH Member
Hi all, I'm new to FC but very excited about the flexibility it offers.

We have a ecommerce site where we are drawing caricatures based on customer photo uploads.

For this, we're hoping to have a customizable sales dashboard, where we can easily view (in addition to customer details) things like:

- link to image upload
- which artist we've assigned to each customer
- color coded status of each order
- ??

Is it possible to have something like this created? I'm sure it's a custom job, just wondering the best direction for this.

Thank you!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hey @DaveH. Glad you're excited. We're here to help :)

    I think there are 2 main parts here, and I want to make sure we're talking about the right one.

    The first and perhaps most important part is the website or interface where customers actually place their order. I take it you're ok on the basic idea of that section?

    The second part would be what we'd call "order management", and would happen after the sale. Foxy doesn't do very much order management. You could look at, which is a fantastic platform that integrates tightly with Foxy. Or you could look at some other options, maybe even something like pushing orders to a Google Spreadsheet (at least as a first proof of concept). You could definitely look into custom dev possibilities, but if it were me, I'd probably focus on OrderDesk or rolling something with a Google Sheet first, just to see what you're after.

    (We've got a Zapier integration coming that'll make pushing to Google Sheets a lot easier, fwiw, but at this exact moment that'd be a little trickier.)
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