Sending test emails when altering templates

Is there a way to send myself test emails when I'm tweaking and changing the receipt email templates? I've been trying to get my branding consistent between FoxyCart and ShipStation. ShipStation lets users send themselves test emails, and any placeholder fields have a pre-populated "John Doe" data that is substituted on send. It would be great if FoxyCart had this functionality and some "John Doe" twig data to fill in placeholders.

PS - the default ShipStation email template is booty, and not in a good way - we're talking flabby misshapen booty. I actually started with the default FoxyCart template, made the necessary changes so ShipStation's picky editor would accept the code, and have been branding/styling nicely. Now, I want to bring those changes back to my FoxyCart template, but it would be nice to have an easy way to test it . . .
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited June 2017

    Good question. Currently the best way to test emails is to re-send an existing transactions email receipt, which you can do from the "transactions" report section, clicking the "(email)" link next to the respective transaction. This will send the receipt to the customer email for that transaction - so you'll want to select a transaction that you placed yourself, rather than a customers live transaction.
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