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Stripe and Metadata from Foxycart

I've switched from Sagepay to Stripe - switch wonderfully easy - thank you !
I'm now trying to get order data from Foxycart into my accounting system (

Using Zapier I have an easy feed from Stripe to Zapier which then craetes an invoice/customer/payment in Quickfile
It does the basic job.
But there is minimal order metadata coming from Stripe, basically just OrderID.

I appreciate that multi-item orders can cause problems, but I don't need to replicate the entire invoice

Because I have international customers, some without VAT, I do need to know the net and/or the VAT as well as the gross

Q1. Is price breakdown - gross, vat, net - being passed from Foxycart to Stripe? I can't see it in the data passed from Stripe to Zapier. I suspect it is not being passed.

Q2. If it is not being passed, or can't or won't be, then I need to find another approach. Is there another data interface to the Foxycart transaction ?

Thank you

  • I have managed to use Zapier to take the Orderdesk feed and create the Quickfile invoice, which does expose the tax amount, and from this I can create the net and the VAT rate.

    It's slower, longer and so more error prone, so I would still like to get Foxycart to pass the necessary meta-data to Stripe. If this is possible or can be arranged.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I'm glad you were able to get migrated between gateways easily, that's awesome.

    Something worth noting to start off - we have a native Zapier integration that is coming soon - it's currently in our QA queue undergoing testing along with a larger feature it's included with. Using that you'll be able to push transaction information straight from FoxyCart into whatever other systems you need, which will be even more direct than going through Stripe.

    In terms of achieving that now - you could use Zapier's email parser to parse the FoxyCart transaction receipt email to capture the different pieces of information you need. Depending on your exact requirements, that may not be enough - but it can be a quick interim solution if it can work for you until we get our native feature launched.

    For Stripe - you're right that we're not currently passing a detailed breakdown of charges there, but just the order total. From reviewing their documentation - it doesn't look like Stripe include attributes within their charge object for specifying the breakdown of costs that make up the order total at this time.
  • Thank you
    Look forward to the Zapier integration.
    It's a great system for systems data exchange.
    I've turned off Stripe zap for now and using the orderdesk integration.
    So working for now, but slightly cludgy - always interested to improve.
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