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Add cc to receipt

How can I add a cc to a receipt?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting. Would I be correct in saying that you're wanting to add an additional email address to receive a copy of the email receipt for each transaction on your store?

    If so - there are a couple ways you could go about doing that.

    Firstly - we have a native option for the email receipt template to automatically BCC the store email address(es) a copy of each transaction receipt. The checkbox for this can be seen on the "email" section of your store's FoxyCart administration. When checked, it will BCC the email to any email addresses entered as the "store email(s)" option on the "settings" page.

    Beyond that option - if your store is on our latest version of 2.0, you can also dynamically set the BCC-ed email address(es) by adding some Twig code to your email template. We have some details on setting that up here:
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