Our order_id not available on gateway export, FoxyCart transaction_id only


We are using only the checkout page, not the actual order/cart shop, and we are pushing specific order_id(s) to the cart directly from our POS. When a customer finishes the checkout process and a transaction is processed with a gateway (SecureNet for us), we need to be able to directly pair exported transactions from the gateway provider with our transaction/order id. Unfortunately, the FoxyCart registers only it's own transaction id with the gateway, not our order_id, and so the actual pairing is not possible without additional hooks and processing. Is there a way to push a comment, or some other kind of field (numeric value would be enough) to the checkout, which would be passed to the gateway provider unchanged?

Thanks for your help,
Jirka M.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for asking. Unfortunately at this time we don't send any custom fields or specific product details on to SecureNet as part of the transaction process.

    Would it be possible for you to use the FoxyCart transaction ID as the value that links everything together? Using the datafeed you can get a summary of each successful order back to an endpoint on your side - and that will include the cart contents showing your custom ID as part of that payload as well. You could then add the FoxyCart transaction ID to the entry for your own custom ID within your database, and would then be able to link everything together using the combination of those two values.
  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your answer. Yes, it looks like that's the only way to do the pairing at the moment.

    We do collect datafeed and it does contain both the order_id and the transaction_id, so the pairing is possible. Unfortunately, with our 3rd party accounting it's still a bit challenging to get all that together. I was hoping for a "recipient note" of some kind to help us with the process. We will have to get it done the other way around then. Thanks again.
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