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Allowing the user to choose the currency

eddie_ceddie_c Member
in Help edited July 2017
I'm building a donation form and I want users to be able to check out in as few steps as possible. I'd also like users to be able to choose the currency in which they want to donate. At the moment I'm planning to add a donation 'product' to the cart and take users to the checkout in one go with a link like this:


I'll have different template sets for different languages and I'll pass the template_set code in the URL as you can see. However, for a single template set I'll also want to allow the user to choose the currency they want to donate in.

Is it possible to change the currency via the javascript api (or any other method) on the checkout form itself? I want to add a select box to allow the user to choose the currency themselves.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. We don't currently support changing the currency without the cart contents being cleared out. You can add products in one currency into the cart which is in another currency - but the product being added will be dynamically converted into the currency of the cart.

    For what you're describing, what I'd suggest would be to set up your donation add to cart as a form. You could have a text field for the customer to enter how much they want to donate, and have a dropdown select element for the currency they want to checkout with - which is for the template_set attribute. That form could send the customer straight on to the checkout to enter their details and complete the donation.

    Could that work?
  • Thanks for your reply Adam. I was hoping to allow people to donate in one step, but this could work. However, when the user has selected their chosen currency from the drop down, are you saying that it will only ever be displayed in the currency of the cart on the checkout form?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    A cart can only have one single currency for all products contained within it - so once a customer selects a template set as part of your donation form, the currency from that template set will dictate the currency of the cart.

    If the customer adds more products to the cart - they'll be in (or be dynamically converted to) the currency of the cart. If the customer changes the template set, it will remove any existing products in the cart that are in the previous currency.

    Does that help?
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