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Sidecart display issue on Android Mobile

I have an issue with my sidecart display on an Android Mobile (Samsung Galaxy S3) running Android version 4.1.2. It happens both in the stock browser and a third-party browser.
No idea if it is a generic android issue, only occurs on old versions of android or happens on all android, as I only have the one phone to test on.

Here is what the side cart looks like:

After a serious amount of testing I have worked out that it is caused by the 'fc-sidecart-only-fixed' nav container being all the way to left on the mobile screen and hence obscured by the partially visible website on the left.

adding :

[data-fc-sidecart] .fc-sidecart-only-fixed {
right: 0;

as custom css in the header, fixes the problem,

See this image for what the side-cart looks like after the above fix:

If anyone has a better solution, I'd be keen to know, or if this solution breaks the layout on other devices or browsers

  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    Hi @njwfx -

    Sorry to hear you had that issue on the mobile browser with Android. I'm on version 6.0 and I didn't have any issues with Chrome or the stock browser (HTC One M8). After applying your fix, it was still fine on mobile and I checked on desktop as well.

    Obviously, that's not exhaustive but just my take here. I'll run this by some other folks here and see if they have anything to say.
  • Thanks for the follow-up. I suspect it is older Android that is the problem, but still quite a few of those devices out there.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Reviewing this using browerstack - I can see what you're screenshots where showing for the Galaxy S3. From testing other browsers, it does appear to be limited to just to the older versions of Android like you noted. The fix you found doesn't appear to have any adverse consequences that I could see either, nice work on finding that!
  • great - thanks for checking!
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