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Mailchimp eCommerce integration

Maybe this is a Mailchimp question. Maybe I've missed something and I'm making things harder than they should be. However, I'm trying to figure out how to integrate FoxyCart/my site with Mailchimp's eCommerce tracking so I can see the revenue/sales data related to a Mailchimp campaign. Within Mailchimp, there is the option for adding the following to my site's header:

That . . . didn't seem to do much, but Mailchimp validates that the code is there. Is there somewhere I need to add it in FoxyCart, too? Is this more of an Orderdesk-y thing?

Thanks, team!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. I'm guessing Mailchimp's javascript is looking for specific parameters that have come from their formatted emails to be able to track usage. I've tried to find some specific documentation about that on Mailchimp's site - but either I'm missing the obvious or I just can't find it. Do you have any links you're aware of describing that set up?
  • Hmm - looks like this might be more involved than I thought since FoxyCart isn't a "supported" platform. The documentation provided when logged in doesn't mention most of this:

    Also, I have an idea for Mailchimp. It would be tanfastic if there were some sort of integration related to coupon codes. For example, after a customer checks out, FoxyCart could create a unique coupon code for them in a pre-configured coupon and then adds their email address and this coupon to a pre-defined Mailchimp list. Then, from Mailchimp, I could set up an automation to send the user this unique code X days after their order as an incentive to purchase again. Just a thought, but totally off topic.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited August 2017

    Thanks for the link - it does look like a chunk of those features that it offers may require a direct integration. If you reach out to Mailchimp support, they might be able to offer more specific advice though.

    In terms of your idea - that would be a great set up! For what it's worth it's achievable now with our Hypermedia API, which allows you to work with coupons to add new codes to an existing coupon, and our datafeed for running actions after completed transactions.
  • We need to get the Foxy team some more API devs . . . :wink:
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