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njwfxnjwfx Member

I have turned on the reCaptcha functionality with 'Enabled, Automatically as Needed'

I've tried a test transaction with an invalid card and after enough attempts it triggered the reCaptcha.

All good.

But the message at the top of the screen says:

"Error: This transaction exceeds our fraud risk settings and cannot be processed. Please contact us directly to process your order."

But that is wrong as when I completed the reCaptcha and entered a valid credit card number, the transaction did get processed correctly.

I can see in the 'language' settings where I can change this message, but I assume the same message is used by the 'mini-fraud' protection and in that case the transaction would be blocked.

Is there a chance we could have separate message strings?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @njwfx
    Good point. We'll look into adding separate strings. But in the meantime, I'd recommend just tweaking the existing string as needed.
  • Thanks!
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