Post isn't showing in Foxycart plugin

p297p297 Member

I have a post ( I'm trying to delete in the foxyshop plugin in Wordpress. I've looked in the posts and product categories in the plugin, but had no luck finding it. I've also checked in the pages and posts section of Wordpress outside of the plugin to double check it wasn't posted there and did not find it.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    In FoxyShop, the product-cat slug is an automatically/dynamically created page in the plugin, which shows the categories you've created for FoxyShop. That's why there isn't a post listed within the WP admin that you can find.

    If you're wanting to remove the FoxyShop functionality from your site - including the product-cat/ page, you could deactivate the FoxyShop plugin which will achieve that.

    Alternatively - if you're wanting to keep using the plugin - but just not have the product-cat page active, could we clarify with you further what you're wanting to achieve? Do you need to use that "product-cat" URL for something else, or is it being linked to from somewhere that you want to prevent? We want to ensure we best understand your end goal so we can provide the best advice we can.
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