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I have a custom built cart hosted on my servers built using the FC api, and I have a button from the cart that the user clicks when they are ready to checkout that goes to the checkout form on foxycart servers.

I noticed that I can submit directly to mystore.foxycart.com/checkout, but I can also submit to mystore.foxycart.com/cart?cart=checkout which then does a 302 redirect to mystore.foxycart.com/checkout.php?ThisAction=customer_info&fcsid=1234567890abcdefghijklmnop&

so my question is which one should I use? if I use /checkout I skip needing the redirect, but if I use the /cart with query params then my users can save their cart, or sales people could create a cart and send it to a customer right? So I'm thinking /cart is the better way to go?

just looking for your recommended approach. thanks
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Great question - thanks for asking. You will want to use the cart approach (ie. /cart?cart=checkout, rather than redirecting straight to the checkout URL.

    I hope that helps!
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