Add sales tax as line item to Order Summary

I've done some cursory research on how FC handles taxes, but cannot find a concrete answer for FC v2 regarding adding sales tax as a line item to Order Summary. Is it possible to do?

I'm hoping that it's possible...
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    Hi @shouttag_mike -

    Can you expand a bit more on what you're wanting to see? Tax is shown broken out on the cart in the Order Summary:


    The link that you've referred to discusses tax-inclusive pricing–are you looking for something along those lines? Can you give us some more detail on what you're looking to do there? Currently, we're still working on natively supporting tax-inclusive pricing, but in the meantime, that page in the link explains what can to be done to make it work with FoxyCart.
  • Sure, thanks for the response. Below is a snippet from our checkout (from squarespace using FC links):


    Notice the shipping section is properly populated, but no reference to sales tax. Right now we have only the default category to which CA sales tax is applied. I did not pass category via the FC link construct b/c it was stated in the docs that if no category is passed, default will automatically be applied.
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team

    You're correct that the default category will be used if no category is specified on the Add to Cart.

    If a tax type is "Local", it'll be applied only on orders where the shipping city (or billing city, if no shipping city is present) matches the city specified in the taxes. So, in this case, the shipping city and state is Reno, NV, which doesn't match up with what you have set up in your taxes–that's why you're not seeing a rate there.

    In other words, the tax is applied based on the shipping (or billing, if there's no shipping) location (unless "Global" is selected, in which case, it'll apply to all transactions). Does that make sense?

    You can read up a bit more on taxes within FoxyCart here:

    If you'd like information on automatically calculating taxes, you can check out this section:

    Hope that helps. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions.
  • Ok I think I got it. I updated tax settings to region, then added CA as the region, this way any CA address will automatically have CA tax applied (7.75%), any address outside of CA it will not be applied.

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