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Custom Callback for Taxes Possible?

So without delving too deeply into corporate politics, my customers is really requesting their taxes be calculated the way they were in the past which was to always apply taxes both the checkout line items and shipping costs combined.

I know this is not how the automated tax providers work, in that they determine when and when not to include shipping based on the region. And just adding a manual blanket tax % does not work for them either.


I'm wondering if its possible for us to do a custom callback for taxes just like we do for our live shipping rates? This would allow us to use our own tax service data tables and always calculate both the line items and shipping in the returned tax value.

if you could ...please let me know if this is even possible or not... once I know it should be achievable I can go in and work up a solution, but I didnt want to start before I got your thoughts on whether or not fc is set up to allow taxes to be set via a callback or not.


  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team

    We're having an internal discussion about how best to approach this, and we'll post here shortly.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    While we are moving towards custom endpoints for a lot of our services to allow for greater flexibility - currently we don't support that for taxes unfortunately - they will always be dictated by the configuration in the administration.

    I'm guessing the store has too many different rates to achieve it using manual rates? I see from your store that you're using our default tax database - which does dictate whether taxes apply to shipping or not automatically based on the customers address.

    Could we clarify with you - does your client have some specific tax regulations in place that they always need to tax shipping, as opposed to the normal rules?
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