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UPS Shipping costs

We have a client that has their own UPS account and they've provided us with their information to connect their UPS account up in the Foxycart admin.

Here's my question: they have negotiated rates but would prefer to charge customers standard rates on the checkout page. If they enter their UPS information in the Foxycart admin, will the prices be reduced on the checkout page or be the normal shipping rates?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question - if the UPS response includes negotiated rates, we'll use those instead of the normal rates when displaying to the customer. If they want to just use the normal rates, their best bet would be to not enter their UPS credentials in the admin. We don't currently use the UPS account credentials for any other purposes - so they should be fine to just leave UPS to request rates without their account details.
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