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Taxes by county in California

Our client sells products in California and each county has different tax rates by county. Is there a way in the Foxycart admin in the tax area to define taxes by county?
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    Hi @flinx777 -

    The best way to get the rates that way would be to use the automatic tax rates available within the Foxy administration. The option to calculate taxes automatically uses a tax database to work out the necessary tax for the customer based on their postcode. It has all the different levels of taxes configured so a store doesn't need to create hundreds of different tax rates for all the different state, county, etc. taxes for their regions.

    We have a few different tax providers that can be used for that - our default option is provided by Thomas Reuters, but we also support AvaTax, Tax Jar and Thomas Reuters ONESOURCE. You can see more details about it at

    Hope that helps.
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