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Set Coupon code start time

njwfxnjwfx Member
I want to create a coupon code that is restricted to between Oct 16 and Oct 30. Both days inclusive starting 00.01am on Oct 16 and finishing 23:59 on Oct 30.
Your coupon code date range doesn't allow me to specify times.

From another forum discussion you have said this:
"Also note, the date is based off of the server time which is US Pacific. "

I'm in Australia so approx 18 hours ahead of PDT. This makes it really hard to work out when a coupon will come into effect, and I suspect it will be in the middle of the day here, making it really hard to start a coupon from the morning of a given day (at least from normal business hours if we can't have 00.01am)

How would you suggest I resolve this?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited October 2017

    Good question - if you're on our latest store version of 2.0 - the coupon start and end dates are now local to the store timezone. If your store is set to your specific timezone, then coupons will start/end at midnight for your local time rather than the server timezone as it was previously.
  • Brilliant! Thanks for the clarification
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