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customer_save fails, does not return response

Hello, in my application we save customers when they sign up. This has worked fine for over a year, but now the response from the customer_save call is not returning anything and causing an error. Any idea? Thanks!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hello @phermann.

    Is this for BreatheAware or a different store?

    When you say it's not returning anything at all, that would certainly be strange. What is the HTTP response code of the request? Does the request time out? If you could send us the full request and response in a whisper, that might be helpful also. Have you tried the same request just using curl and does it work correctly? I'm wondering if there might be a network or outbound firewall issue. Do you know when it worked last and at what point it stopped working? What IP is the request coming from?
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