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javascript not working on full page cart

My custom footer scripts are not working when the cart is full page. They all work correctly in sidecart. None of them work at all when the full page cart is loaded. The scripts are loaded in the context of {% if context == 'cart' %}, and are correctly appearing in the source code on both the sidecart and the full page cart. What gives?

Will whisper my test store url where I'm working on this.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for whispering the link. I believe what you're seeing there is that on the full page cart, the jQuery scripts are being executed before jQuery is actually ready. On Sidecart, as it's rendered after the main page is already loaded, jQuery is definitely already there.

    If you wrap the jQuery lines for changing the PayPal image and adding the click event in a jQuery document.ready, that should get them working on the full page cart as well.
  • Thanks. that fixed it!
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