How can customer change variations in their subscription?

My customers can customize products in their subscription such as colors, sizes, clothing styles, etc. How can they change their variations during an active subscription? Say they have the color blue selected but they no longer want to get blue items in their package. How can the go into their subscription and change it so they don't have blue selected and can select other colors instead?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. It is possible for customers to alter their existing subscription, involving them load their subscription into the cart using the sub token URL for their sub. They then return to your website to add their new subscription to the cart, remove the existing product that they're replacing and then complete the checkout to save the changes.

    While it is possible, it does involve a few steps for the customer to complete currently and isn't necessarily a straight-forward process. That is something that we want to improve though and we have a ticket for discussing better ways we can approach that for a future enhancement.

    It's also possible for you to make the changes for them. Using your stores Unified Order Entry password, you can complete the same steps above, or you could complete an advanced edit of the subscription within your store's administration to directly modify the contents of the cart.

    There is some information on managing subscriptions and using the sub token URL on our wiki here:

    On the more advanced end of options, it's also possible to set up a custom interface for customers to be able to manage their subscriptions using the API. This would obviously be a lot more custom work, but would allow you to set up the options exactly as they need to be for your store's products. The API could be used to fetch a customers existing subscription, showing what is currently selected and allow them to modify the selection. The API would then dynamically update their subscription so they wouldn't need to proceed to the checkout or remove the existing subscription.

  • Ok thank you very much!
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