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Newbie Questions


Couple a questions:

Under Reports - Transactions, I can see our orders which I can click to open.

1) can I edit anything about this order such as order address or customer email?

2) once this order ships, can I add a tracking number? We offer free shipping at the moment, but we still need to let the customer know when the order ships, can this be done from here?

Many thanks,

  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    Hi @arny987 -

    Currently, FoxyCart doesn't support these changes through the admin interface, although we are working on enhancing the admin so that more transaction management is available there for future releases.

    Orderdesk, which integrates with FoxyCart, does help you make changes/additions to transactions, including adding tracking, and they have a free tier. You can take a look at their features here:

    There are ways to make your own changes via the hAPI as well, but that does take some technical knowledge and a bit of work. Here are our docs for that:

    One thing I want to note is that you aren't able change the customer's email or shipping address for a historical transaction, unfortunately. You can change the customer email address and other details about the customer for future orders through the customer record (using the API).

    Hope that helps.
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