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Is there some kind of client checklist to reference for setting up a store?

I'm trying to setup a FoxyCart store on a client website, first time doing ecommerce and obviously there is a lot involved. I've already been surprised by the HMAC validation stuff, I'm more of a designer than a developer, so I'll have to find someone to help with that. Anyway, is there some kind of simple checklist I can send the client that includes everything I would need from them to get things running? I'm thinking things like tax rate, shipping methods, gateway info, etc. Thanks!
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    What a great question. While we don't have a streamlined "checklist", creating a test store using the setup process of 7 steps can give you a great idea of what you need to get from your clients (hmac, for example, is referenced on the last step). There are a few additional items that aren't covered in the setup, and you'll see those on the dashboard under "Optional Store Configuration". Additionally, a few things like taxes merit exploring in the admin (under, for example, taxes) to see what's needed there.

    You and your clients will probably need to work through the some of the documentation to understand what everything means. Our "start" page has links to all the info you'll encounter while setting up a store. (link here:

    I say all that in case you need info in the short-term. But I think this is a great idea, and we'll put together a streamlined checklist we can make available to our users. I'll try to get that together in the next week or so and will share once it's available.
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