How do I make a "my account" page?

How would I go about creating a "my account" page that allows a customer to cancel their subscription, change it, skip a month, and see all of their previous orders/purchases? My customers and I have been having a lot of difficulty when trying to cancel their subscriptions or making changes to them.
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    Hi @dragonfiy3 -

    While we don't currently have a native interface for customers or users to access all of their data, it is something we would like to add as an option for our users. Unfortunately it's not something on our immediate roadmap just yet, so for now a custom integration would need to be developed for something like this.

    However, several of these things you should be able to accomplish pretty easily with our native functionality, but we'd need more information on the specific issues you're running into. Some can be done by the customer, and others will need to be done by the store.

    For example, a customer can cancel their subscription by clicking the "Cancel this subscription" link on their email receipt. They'll be prompted to log in to cancel, and it should be pretty straight forward after that.

    They can change their payment information or address by clicking the "Update your billing information" on the email receipt. Again, they'll need to log in and make changes.

    Alternatively, you can send cancellation and update links to your customer by going into their subscription details in the subscriptions area of the Foxy admin ( or through the subscriptions menu item in WordPress/FoxyShop.

    You can copy and then email them to your customer. You also have the option to log in as the customer using Unified Order Entry (let us know if you'd like more details on that–here's a link to our docs:

    In order to skip a month, you can change the "Next Transaction Date" on their subscription (again, through the subscriptions area of your administration) This can also be done via subscription in WordPress/FoxyShop or FoxyCart. To change frequency, you can change the "Frequency" field value in either FoxyCart or WordPress subscriptions.

    I hope that helps some, but if you're running to into specific issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

    If you're interested in building a custom interface for your customers, let us know and we can give our thoughts on how to best accomplish this.
  • Thank you for the info. My customers are experiencing an error when they attempt to use the links emailed to them. I will email about this error.
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