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Subscriptions - sending reminder emails in advance of renewal dates

Many subscription services now send a complimentary reminder email before a subscription renews - maybe five days ahead of renewal date.
This doesn't seem to be listed as a standard functionality from the admin screen - is there a way to achieve this with Foxycart subscriptions?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. As you've discovered, that's not something that we currently support natively, but something like that is possible with a custom integration. Specifically you'd make use of our API to pull upcoming subscriptions. As an example, you could have a script that runs every day, and pulls all subscriptions that have a next date on a specific day in the future - like 5 days from today. You could then loop through all of those subscriptions and email the customer as needed.

    You could use either of our API's for that - either our new API, or our legacy XML API.
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