How many concurrent checkouts can FC handle?

So it looks like my startup is going to be featured for a full hour on primetime TV in a new show coming out January 2018! Yay!

Problem is, I've heard from companies that have been in similar situations that website traffic can get into the hundreds of thousands during shows like this. While we may see as little as 10,000 concurrent visitors, I'm getting our site ready for 500,000.

If our checkout funnel numbers hold similar to what they are right now, this means we could expect up to 100,000 people on our store's FoxyCart checkout page at the same time. Again, this is an extreme case scenario, but that's the number I want to be ready for. Can FC handle this load without a hiccup?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Wow, that's awesome - congratulations!

    Our systems are built to handle large numbers of users, and we're able to scale up easily too as needed. We'd certainly love to discuss it further with you though around specific dates and times, just so we can be prepared for that on our side too, and we can review the integration too to see if there are any optimisations that could be made there.

    If you wouldn't mind reaching out to our helpdesk with more specifics - we can talk about it further there.
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