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How to avoid cart with 0.00 value

My cart price is updated trough a script. I have noticed, that sometimes the script takes some time to loads, and because of that is possible to get a product for 0.00. Can this be avoided?

Thank you

Romero Lins
  • It would be enough just not alow the cart to have a product that costs 0.00 price
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @leaodonorte Without seeing your code, my general suggestion would be to start with a product price of > 0.00, then use your script to adjust it down. Alternately, prevent submit of your product until your script is loaded. (So make the form's submit button disabled or hidden in the html (or replace the button text with "Loading…"), then enable it via the script.)

    That make sense?
  • @brett Price of > 0.00 did the trick.

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