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I am not a web designer, but was referred to this forum by my web designer who integrated foxycart with my site, My question has to do with understanding what the error log means. For example, I see the following things for which I have no idea of the meaning:

What are "GET Values"? and next to the GET Values what do the following things mean:
ThisAction=customer_info amp;PHPSESSID=954mouj1otsrmvkvp17g9d8b83
ThisAction=customer_info amp;PHPSESSID=gamfr713jd5nondlqsj25pl3m6
ThisAction=customer_info amp;PHPSESSID=kt6blbhm4985g61o9c3lq4vka3

The URL for each error is always:

Any assistance as to what these mean would be appreciated. Thank you.
Dr. Alan Weidner
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    Hi Alan. There are two issues here.

    One cause for this error is if one of your visitors clicks the "checkout now" link without anything in their cart. We'll need to remove that link if the cart doesn't have anything in it. We'll add more graceful error reporting on that one in the future. There's currently a workaround for this:
    I'll send that to Mike so he can implement it. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

    The other cause is if the user has cookies disabled. We'll add a more graceful error for that, with instructions on how to enable cookies in a variety of browsers. This one actually caught us a little bit off guard, but we'll take care of it as well.

    Sorry about those being unclear. I'll let you know once we address these issues.
  • Thanks for the prompt response, Brett. My biggest concern was that something was interfering with sales and conversion. I take it form what you have explained that this is not the case.
  • By the way, how soon can we expect Paypal integration and coupon application to the shopping cart?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    PayPal: Not in 0.3.1 but after that. (If I get any more specific I'll probably set a wrong expectation, but it is something we see as a priority.)

    Coupons: Only guarantee at this point is by April of 2008, but very possibly sooner. (Shipping is coming first, which you'll definitely be interested in for the "free to the continental US" offer you're doing.)
  • Thanks
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