How to update Customer Email Address


Unfortunately, we have a subscriber who entered their email incorrectly and is not getting their renewal email notifications.

I saw an old thread talking about this from a few years back in the forum:

I was wondering what the easiest way to do this is in 2018? :-)

Thanks so much!
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    Your customer can change the email address of the subscription. The way it works is that you're basically "transferring" the subscription to another email address, so the contact and billing information will need to be re-entered with a new password. All the other information about the subscription will stay the same.

    You can send your customer the update link from the subscriptions area of your Foxy admin.

    Here's a step-by-step for getting the link to your customer and how they'll make the changes:
    1. Go to your subscriptions area in FoxyCart admin. Here's a link: – you can use a filter to look for the subscription or scroll until you see it.
    2. Click the "Edit" button to the right of the desired subscription. The details will appear.
    3. Scroll down until you see the section on "Direct to Checkout". Copy the link to your clipboard.
    4. Email the link to your customer with instructions.

    Instructions for the customer:
    1. They will click the link you've sent them. They'll be taken to the store's checkout.
    2. Change the email to the desired email. They'll see a message indicating that by changing the email, they're transferring the subscription to that email.
    3. They'll enter billing information and set a password for the account. This can be the same as the previous password, but we recommend changing your password at regular intervals, so this would be a good time to do it.
    4. Click "Update Subscription". They'll see a confirmation that the subscription has been updated.
    Hopefully, that will give you what you need! Please let us know if you have any additional questions or clarifications.
  • Thank you for the thorough response fc_marija. I was hoping we could do it on the foxycart admin side, to not have to bother the customer with re-entering their credit card info & acct set-up again, but at least your steps make it very clear. Thanks again!
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