Gateway that works perfectly with russian cards

Hello to everyone,

Could you please advise what are possible gateways for card payments in Russia? We're going to process international cards payments too but there is no question, more interesting what will be if russian-issued mastercard/visa will be entered? Couple of monthes ago Brett Florio proposed me Stripe or Braintree for that, I've checked their websites and I'm not really sure that will help us. Could you please clarify what is the better option here?

Thanks a lot.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited January 11

    Thanks for posting. Is there a particular concern you had with how gateways would handle Russian issued credit cards? If so, your best bet would be to contact any individual payment gateways you're interested in using and check with them about it. As they're the ones that will ultimately be processing the cards, they'll be the best people to speak to about it.

    From the FoxyCart side of things - you can see a list of gateways with known support for Russian based merchants on our wiki here:[0]=countrie_=RU. Stripe isn't on that list specifically as it doesn't have complete Russian support just yet, but it is possible to create an account using their Atlas service which creates a US-based business and bank account for your Stripe account.

    I hope that helps!
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