Drop down menu prices no longer working

jm987jm987 Member

A drop down menu on a page no longer gives the proper price for a product. Instead it defaults to the regular price of $3.

Code: <form id="optionform" accept-charset="utf-8" action="https://site.foxycart.com/cart" method="post"><select name="name">
<option value="">- Select Package -</option>
<option value="Package 1 data-price="$5,250">Package 1: $5,250</option>
<option value="Package 2" data-price="$7,800">Package 2 $7,800</option>
<option value="Package 3" data-price="$10,400">Package 3: $10,400</option>
<option value="Package 4" data-price="$15,500">Package 4: $15,000</option>
<option value="Package 5" data-price="$20,000">Package 5: $20,000</option>
<option value="Package 6" data-price="$0">Package 6: Call Us</option>
</select><input class="package-price" name="price" type="hidden" value=""> <input class="code" name="price" type="hidden" value="news3"> <input name="renewal_and_termination" type="hidden" value="Text">
<input class="option-button" name="submit" type="submit" value="Add to Cart"></form>

I tried to change "data-price" to "price", but our CMS, Hubspot, "helpfully" deletes it and refuses to save with it.

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