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Possible to pause a subscription?

We have a client that is requesting a pause functionality for subscriptions. We built a login portal for their customers where their customers can login and cancel and modify subscriptions, but we're not sure how (or if) pausing a subscription would work or if it's even possible. The thinking is basically giving their customers the option to delay the next subscription date. For example, if that customer logged in and requested that their subscription be delayed for a month, the next charge would be prevented and then billed the following month.

They sell nutrition bars to small businesses and some months those businesses may be over on inventory and not need a shipment for this coming month but would want to pick up the following month.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited January 2018
    Hey @flinx777
    Good question. To pause a subscription, you could flip it to inactive via the API from your custom login portal. I mean, add a "pause subscription" button, then your system would set the subscription to inactive via the Foxy API.

    When you set it to active again, you'd just want to make sure you adjust the next date. (And perhaps depending on how long it was paused, send the customer through to update their payment info. Maybe add a pro-rated past-due amount, then send them through to the Foxy checkout to pay the past due or "reactivation" product, which would ensure their payment details are correct.)

    That make sense?
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