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FraudLabs Pro Integration

We would like to use FraudLabs Pro to screen all orders for fraud to avoid chargeback. They have free Micro plan which is good for small merchants like us. It does not cost us anything when our business is small and vulnerable to fraud.

Can you please integrate the API into order management module?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting to ask! We don't currently have a native integration with FraudLabs Pro as you've noticed - but one could certainly be developed using our pre-payment webhook functionality. This allows you to call a custom endpoint when the customer attempts to complete their transaction and perform any custom validations you need. The endpoint will be passed a payload of data about the customer and transaction that you can use as needed.

    On that custom endpoint, you would send a request off to FraudLabs, passing over the details of the customer and transaction that was included in the payload sent to your endpoint. Then, based on the response from FraudLabs, you would either approve the transaction and let it proceed to the gateway, or deny it and display an error to the customer.

    We have some details on working with the pre-payment webhook here: Looking on FraudLabs Pro's site - they have some example code for making the request to their side here: It shouldn't be too involved to get it connected together, but will require a little bit of custom server-side development.
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