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Verbose debugging?

I know the Foxy team is aware that my store has some pretty heavy customizations. Well, with those customizations come complexity and errors, and there have been a few. For instance, my custom endpoint occasionally goes "bump" (once, someone was able to check out without paying shipping, and today, someone was charged $64 for shipping when it should have been $16 - yikes!) Also, we do some checkout validation of our custom fields that cause some users to get suck with a spinning "We are processing your order" message (our code, obviously). However, we're limited on what we can see from a debugging perspective. Is there a way to get access to some more verbose logging/debug tools to figure out what's happening in these instances? The fact that it's peak season for me makes me wonder how many people have been affected beyond the ones who have reached out, and that worries me a bit.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry to hear you've been having troubles with the customisations.

    We currently don't have any further logging available to the store other than the error log in the administration, and the ability to enable debug mode in configuration. The latter will output some logging of what native events are happening within our javascript to the browser console, which can assist with debugging the execution of events.

    If you're running into an issue that you're having trouble debugging though - you can also email our helpdesk with details and we'd always be happy to take a look and review any additional logging we may have access to that could help.

    For the shipping - we do have a feature that can be enabled to add signatures to the shipping rates. It's primarily to prevent nefarious users from being able to alter the rates in some form, but it should also assist with the type of edge case you're describing. It creates a signature of the details of the rate, and also the details that created the rate (weight, address etc), and passes that through with the rate selection. If the server-side created signature doesn't match the one submitted from the checkout (ie: something's changed), then the customer is sent back to the checkout to re-select a shipping rate.

    The option isn't enabled by default, as stores will often use javascript snippets to alter the shipping rates name or costs, and this will conflict with the shipping rate signing and cause issues for customers. Reviewing your store - while you do have a snippet for modifying the returned live rates, you have commented out all logic which was changing the price, and so it should be fine to enable it for your store. You do have a decent amount of other custom javascript too - but none of the rest appears to modify the shipping rates at all.

    If you wanted to give that a try, you can enable the shipping rate signing from the bottom of the "shipping" section of the Foxy administration.

    All of that said though - if you wanted to email us the specific transaction ID's for the orders that had incorrect shipping, we'd be happy to take a closer look on our side at our logs.

    For the checkout issue you noted - I do see you have an event hooked into the checkout-submit event. I'm sure you're already aware, but that'd be the best place to look to diagnose the kind of situation you're describing. One thing I would suggest there is switching the callback arguments from being function(params, next) to just being function(params). Passing the second argument of next is more if you're wanting to have the callback perform as an asynchronous request, but you're just using it synchronously there so it's not needed. I don't believe it's attributing to your issue - but it'd be worth updating just in case.

    I hope that helps - sorry we didn't have a better answer for you.
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