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How much it would cost me to have a new payment gateway?

How much it would cost me to have a new payment gateway like ?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @leaodonorte. We don't have any set prices, as different implementations can vary wildly in terms of how much time and effort they require of us. Drop us an email and we can take a look.

    Because we've been doing this so long, what sometimes happens is that we'll spend a lot of time and then a gateway won't see any usage. That's bad for a few reasons, and even if we charge a small amount up-front, it doesn't really make it worth our while. So for that reason, we've started requiring Advanced Plans for users we add new gateways for. We want to ensure the gateway actually will see some transaction volume.

    That said, since you're asking about Brazil, do drop us a note even if you can't go to our Advanced Plan, as I think there's an active discussion about adding a new Brazilian option.
  • Thanks @Brett, i will send you the email. Th reason iam asking this is because there is very few possible gateways in Brazil that would allow us to work with the product we are willing to sell at our web site. Paypal, 2co and others traditional gateways they do not take our business, the only one so far is mercadopago, but is full of limitations and its nor working well here (Adam is already aware), thats we need that new gateway.
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