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Turn off previous order autofill after login on checkout page

One of my clients was wondering why the Billing and Shipping address fields get pre-populated with the previous order whenever a customer logs in on the Checkout page. Is there an easy way to turn this off? She seems to think that customers don't want this. I tend to disagree but...well...she's the boss! :P
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That's an interesting question! We don't support suppressing customers with accounts from having their previous order information from being prepopulated on the checkout after logging in. It's a key feature in making the checkout as easy as possible for repeat customers to complete their checkout.

    If they don't want customers to have saved information with the store, you could switch the store to being guest only - so that no customers have the chance to create an account or login - so they'll have to type out all of their address and payment information every time they order. On 2.0, you can manage that from the "configuration" page of the Foxy administration, look for the "Customize the checkout user type (account vs. guest)" option on that page.
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