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Heya FC-

We have our shipping set up for USA addresses only- but we need to address places like Hawaii, Alaska, the Virgin Islands, etc who are outside the contiguous USA. We can ship to these places, but they need to be specifically quoted to the customer. We are currently using your Flat Rate Shipping modifications

Ideally we'd like to allow these customers to check out with shipping at $0 with a note that shipping will be calculated and added after the order is processed. I can serve them $0 shipping with my current methodology by making my default rates $0, but I don't know if I can add a notification about how shipping will be quoted. The only solution I can think of is adding a disclaimer on the checkout page but I'd much rather their "Standard Shipping $0" show as "To Be Quoted" - Please let me know if something like that is possible and the best way to approach it!

Thanks for the help!

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for providing the details there. Looking at your store, I see you're making use of our custom shipping endpoint to set custom rates for your store. Within that endpoint, you can simply configure the endpoint to return the $0 rate with a custom label letting the customer know what's happening.

    Without seeing your exact logic - this would be an example of how you would do that with the PHP helper script:
    $rates->add(10001, 0, '', 'Shipping To Be Quoted', false, false);
    Presumably this would be the only rate returned, but to be safe, ensure you set the first parameter to an ID that is unique from any others you return. The additional false arguments there are to prevent any flat rate or handling fee's from your store's categories being added to the rate - you can remove those if you did want that to be included still if it's present.
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