Any chance of SECpay integration?

treb0rtreb0r Member
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Hi All,

I really like the look of foxycart - I'm looking for a good e-commerce system for a client who uses secpay (, and I was wondering if you have any plans of adding them as a payment gateway - it appears that they support all kinds of methods to do this.

From the secpay website:

"For developers that require a more integrated and flexible solution we offer SOAP and XMLRPC interfaces."

thanks in advance,

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey treb0r, thanks for checking us out.

    We have a couple things on our roadmap right now including recurring products, custom tax tables and custom shipping tables. Right after that, we have a bunch of payment gateways we want to integrate with. We'll keep this one in mind and keep you posted.
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